Day 3 - Tuesday 11th August 2015

Performance 1


After our experience with “Upstairs Downton” I can’t say I was looking forward to this event expecting a re-run of the previous rather amateur affair. Nothing could have been further from the truth. This, despite being an improvisation, was a polished and professional event, it was also very funny.

Performance 2


I was being very kind when I called this a performance. It was the biggest load of rubbish it has ever been my misfortune to sit through. Frank had the right idea when after ten minutes he got up and left, I wish I had joined him.

Performance 3


This we thought would be the highlight of our Fringe experience, we had seen Hardeep on the TV a number of times and liked him and his material. I was very disapointed indeed not only did he spend a great deal of time teaching a ten year old boy foul language and when to shout it to maximum effect. His comedy was rambling and disjointed to such an extent that he seemed frequently to loose where he was. I suspect it was down to the five P’s (poor preperation leads to p**s poor performance). We saw him on TV a few niights later when without the language and with the interviewer steering firmly he was again witty and personable.

Performance 4


We went to this show because R&F’s daughter-in-law is Japanese and thought a lighthearted look at the cultural differences between the two nations would be amusing and informative. It started well with a colleague of the performer (Michael Hill) talking about her time as an adult education teacher in Japan sadly it all went down hill when Hill gave his routine. There were amusing moments, his description of trying to avoid shaking hands with someone in a toilet before hands had been washed was quite funny but overall seemed to have little to do with Japan or Tokyo and all to do with him being a twerp.

Todays scores were one good, one OK, one bad and one absolutely AWFUL. Not good for our last day but overall it was a great experience.

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