Day 1 - Thursday 6th August 2015

If you look carefully at each of the show detail pictures you will find a web address which will take you to a better synopsys and reviews. I havn’t made these links live as they are part of the fringe programme likely to be disabled after the 2015 Fringe is over.

Performance 1

I associate parts like Spike and James Twelvetrees with Jeffrey Holland, but must say I was very impressed with his performance in this one man show about a visit by Stan Laurel to Oliver Hardy after the famous fatman had had a stroke.

Performance 2

Not, perhaps, as good as the real thing but well worth the ticket price.

Performance 3

Hotel Paradiso

This was the first example of “mask theatre” I had ever seen and hope it will not be the last. There is no dialogue and each actor wears a character mask while acting out the play. When they all took a bow at the end of play I was very surprised to realise there were only four actors playing the ten or so parts.

Performance 4


For me this play was the days big disappointment, I like John Hannah and usually like what he does, not unfortunately this, still three out of four is not bad.

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