Site No 152 - Lower Tye Farm

This was the most difficult site to find, we went up and down the road, went to the lat, long co-ordinates given in the book - nothing!! We eventually found it on the oposite side of the road to that stated in the book and  at least 3/4 mile further than on than the lat, long indicated.

Our purpose in coming here was to say goodbye to freinds R & F who were catching the Portsmouth/Santander ferry the following day. The company was great but the site?

We found everything a bit scruffy, there was, supposedly, a toilet (over the road on another site) but we never found it. Just prior to leaving Frank went to the farm office where the occupant, less than politely, told him they were not there to take caravanners money so as he could find no caravan site staff gave it to us to pass on when we paid. Later that afternoon we spied a lady mowing the lawns we approached her and explained we had Franks money and our own, she was less than impressed - why had we taken it to her (the owner) and not the farm office where it was supposed to be paid - says it all!!

We will not return.

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