Site No 144 - Birley Alms

cc100-2 med hr

This is a small (emphasise on the word small) CL just a mile or so from where our container is stored so we have been here several times. It can be a pain getting in if yours is the only empty pitch and in that scenario one or two of the pitches would be a nightmare if you have a twin axle caravan without a mover. Once set up on your pitch it is immediately obvious that you are not here for the views or indeed the peace and quiet, you are at the back of a busy pub where the first deliveries start around 7:30am and the last customer wobbles loudly off home well after 11.00pm.

So why stay here?

Well, there is lots to see and do in Blackpool and the surrounding areas and after a long tiring day there is nothing nicer than to sit down with a good meal that someone else has cooked, and if you indulge in a bottle of wine and a couple of post dinner brandies you have only a few yards to your own bed and in that case neither the late leavers nor early risers are likely to disturb you.

There are toilets and a shower available in the pub, both are kept clean but are available opening hours only but as that is 7:30am till just before midnight, it’s no great inconvenience.

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