Day 2 - Friday 7th August 2015

Performance 1


This play divided opinion in our little group, I enjoyed it others did not.

Performance 2

Upstairs D'nton

We were looking forward to this event, but it unfortunately failed to deliver from the start (when the lights failed) to the unfunny end. The event was held in the rear of a pub so the improvisation may have been funnier if a few drinks had been consumed beforehand.

Performance 3

Eat Me

A thought provoking explanation of consumerism using the medium of Alice in Wonderland - very enjoyable.

Performance 4

Storm in a Teacup

A very strange play, but no less enjoyable for that, with just three actors one of whom was deaf so the company ternded to do plays with little or no dialogue and a fourth member signed from the corner of the stage and played “the voice” at the other end of the phone.

Performance 5

Blues & Burl

A band comprising drummer, claronetist/trumpeter/saxophonist/guitarist, and keyboard player and two skimpily dressed women provided an hour or more of great entertainment.

Todays score was an impresive four out of five were worth seeing and the fifth was not that bad.

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