Site No 146 - West Mains CL

cc100-2 med hr

This was a pleasant CL comprising five large hardstanding pitches, by large I mean that our caravan went on it with lots of room in front to park the car. Bteween each pitch was a peice of grass large enough to errect an awning and still be well away from your neighbour. Each pitch was provided with a water tap, we connected the Aquaroll direct to it via a float valve so no mucking about getting water. Some pitches were close enough to thick hedges to enable run a pipe from the grey water outlet into it to save that chore as well, unfortunately as water tends not to run up hill we had to use normal collection and disposal methods.

Other than a tap, dustbin (no recycling here) and a blackwater disposal point there are no facilities here.

Sadly such facilities as there are are in serious need of maintainance, every tap leaked, the dustbin was emptied infrequently by taking it away from early morning till late afternoon during which time enough rubbish had accrued to fill the small bin when it did reappear. the grassed areas were more “wildlife areas” than lawns although I admit the almost constant rain may have made grass cutting difficult.

The site was in a superb location with great views and for EdFringe goers was in a far more convenient location than the Caravan Club Edinburgh site but needs some TLC that the owners seem reluctant to give, indeed during our seventeen night stay we did not speak or have any contact with the owners and had to seek them out when it came to paying the bill.

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